Touchable Earth at the iEARN Conference


Julie Constantino


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Julie Constantino

Julie is celebrating her 30th year in education. She has authored professional books on writing across the curriculum, school leadership, and STEM in Schools. She earned an MA in School Leadership and Administration in 1993 and an MA in Gifted Education in 1999. She is a Writing Teacher Consultant for SVWP. She currently writes STEM curriculum for elementary students. She is in her second year of global project based learning with iEARN and Participate. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and snow skiing.

Tudor Clee

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Tudor Clee

Tudor Clee is the founder and producer of Touchable Earth. Tudor has funded touchable earth since its inception, taken all the photographs and videos, and charts the future development of the Foundation. Tudor is a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand and fashion designer. Tudor founded Touchable Earth to share his positive experiences traveling the world in over 180 countries. Tudor is interested in international development particularly around gender equality.

Session Details

Type: Interactive Workshop

Location: Room 1106

Date: Tuesday

Time: 2:00-2:50 PM

This session is associated with a UN SDG!

Session Description

Tudor Clee has been instrumental in traveling all over the world and bringing it closer for kids to learn about other cultures. Julie Constantino will share all that her students have done in a year to use the Touchable Earth app to immerse her students in a year-long study of the world around them. This is a fun and interesting way for students to research facts about other cultures by kids teaching kids through the use of technology.

What will educators learn and be able to do at the end of the session?

Educators will use the Touchable Earth App and brainstorm effective uses for all ages of students. Students gain an understanding and empathy for similarities and differences between cultures.