Embracing Sustainability with Teddy Bear Project at the iEARN Conference


Ladawan Lehmann

Patai Udom Suksa School

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Ladawan Lehmann

Job profile 

- international Coordinator at Patai Udom Suksa School, Thailand 2015-present

- Personal Assistant to the writer Ms.Heike Hodl 2014- 2015, Germany

- Head of International Affairs at Patai Udom Suksa School, Thailand 2007-2013

- Teacher at Gifted Child Centre at Patai Udom Suksa School, Thailand 2004-2007


- Receptionist at Queensland Maritime Museum, Australia, 2015

Industry Awards

- Thailand Innovative Teacher Award from Microsoft in 2007

presented my project " Save the Earth" at the Microsoft Regional Conference in Vietnam and at the Microsoft World Conference in Hongkong

- Teacher Challenge Award from Oracle in 2008 

academic visited at Oracle in Singapore

- Endeavour Scholarship from Australian government to undertake a diploma of Interactive Digital Media in Australia and to build up linkages between elementary schools in Thailand and Australia in 2009-2011


- Diploma of Interactive Digital Media at Southbank Institute of Technology, Brisbane, Australia 

- Master of Art at Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand 

- Bachelor’s degree of Art at Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok, Thailand 

Your history with iEARN

- an active iEARN member and have worked with many schools across the world on some iEARN projects such as the Teddy Bear Project, Holiday Card Exchange, Cultural Package Exchange, Adobe Youth Voices, etc. since 2005.

- got scholarship to undertake an online course “ Professional Development” from iEARN in 2008

- got a scholarship to undertake an online course “ Adobe Youth Voices” from iEARN in 2011

- got a scholarship to attend  “Adobe Youth Voices Lead Educator” from iEARN at Adobe System in India in 2012

Robynne Quinn

Beaconhills College

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Robynne Quinn

Robynne Quinn has been teaching primary school classes from Prep to Grade Six for about 16 years. She currently teaches a Grade 4 class at Beaconhills College in Berwick, Australia. She has been collaborating with Ladawan for a number of years through the Teddy Bear Exchange and Christmas Card exchange.

Session Details

Type: Ignite-Style Talk

Location: Room 1305

Date: Tuesday

Time: 4:00-4:50 PM

This session is associated with a UN SDG!

This session relates to the Teddy Bear Project iEARN Project!

Session Description

This ignite will present the experience of grade 4 students from Patai Udom Suksa School and Beaconhills College in the Teddy Bear project. We found that our students enjoyed our collaboration and learned more from each other about our different cultures. It is more motivating and inspiring when students have opportunities to learn and share ideas and work with other students from different parts of the world. Therefore, by incorporating the sustainability topic with our Teddy Bear Project, our students are able to better understand this complex issue. Furthermore, it encourages them to feel empowered to make change to be responsible stewards of the environment.

What will educators learn and be able to do at the end of the session?

The ignite talk “Embracing Sustainability with Teddy Bear Project” is an inspiring idea for elementary school teachers to create meaningful and fun activities on a complex issue for their young students. We will showcase how our students embrace the ‘green message’ and how they learn many strategies to help reduce their impact on the environment.

Additional Session Information

Slide1-2         Project Introduction / Participants

Patai Udom Suksa School, Thailand and Beaconhills College, Australia

Slide3-5         Key Concept / Why? - “Embracing Sustainability with Teddy Bear Project”

Sustainability is a big and complex issue that can be difficult even for adults. For kids, the concept is even more abstract and may be too overwhelming for them. Therefore, using the teddy bear as an environmental ambassador to raise young students’ awareness of sustainability, will help young kids to understand and feel more empowered to make changes.

Slide6             Objectives

To raise young students’ awareness on climate change for sustainable development goal.

To empower young students to lighten their environmental footprint.

Slide7-17      Project Procedure

Seeking a partner school - Plan activities and set the timeline - Exchange the bears and diaries – Students take the bear home and write a diary about how they lighten their environmental footprint at home or school. A video conference is conducted between the two schools. The bears and diaries are sent back home.

Slide 18-20    Conclusion