#Decarbonize: Decolonize at the iEARN Conference


Lakshmi Annapurna Chintaluri


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Lakshmi annapurna Chintaluri

Lakshmi is an Independent Education Consultant

Carlos Chiu

Colegio de Ciencias

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Carlos Chiu

Carlos is a school principal. 

Session Details

Type: Interactive Workshop

Location: Room 1106

Date: Thursday

Time: 11:00-11:50 AM

This session is associated with a UN SDG!

Session Description

This project, #Decarbonize: Decolonize, was initiated by the Centre for Global Education, under the aegis of Mr.Terry Godwaldt, with Carrie Karsgaard as the Project Leader. Students from almost 30 countries participated, including iEARN members India, Peru and Morocco. The students from these countries conducted research about climate change, worked on blogs, conducted bilateral and trilateral interaction, and one student from each of these countries met in Bonn, Germany where they prepared and presented a white paper at the COP23 - UN Climate Change Conference. There was an art component in which many schools from these countries participated. 

Three of the countries, iEARN members India, Peru and Morocco, will present the project together as a workshop session. Attendees will learn about the project, participate in a discussion, and express the problems faced by their countries and in what way they can contribute to this movement by ensuring that their students back home also work towards finding solutions in their countries.

What will educators learn and be able to do at the end of the session?

To promote the awareness about the importance of Climate Change [SDG 13] 

To promote collaborative learning between countries and across different time zones, languages and cultures

To build a co-operative working culture, both among teachers and students [networks]