Be Selfish, Be Kind - A New Project Idea at the iEARN Conference


Harmeet Kaur

Kamla Nehru Public School

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Harmeet Kaur

Ms.Harmeet Kaur is a proud mom of two kids! She is a skilled and professional teacher with thirteen years of experience in management, teaching, and administration of school activities. She is currently serving as a Post Graduate Teacher at Kamla Nehru Public School in  Phagwara, Punjab, India. She joined this institution in March 2007 as trained graduate teacher and has served in various academic and non-academic roles, including media manager, iEARN School Coordinator, and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

Ms. Harmeet holds a Master’s in Education from the Punjabi University Patiala, Punjab and a Master’s in Punjabi (Regional language of Punjab) from the Guru Nanak dev University in Amritsar, Punjab.

Being iEARN Co-ordinator of the school since 2015, she took part in 15 iEARN projects along with her co-teachers and facilitated one iEARN Learning Circle ‘Places and Perspective’. Under iEARN projects she arranged interactive sessions with partner school students and facilitators through Skype and arranged outreach programs.

 Ms. Harmeet got International School Award 2012-15 by British Council, accredited for supporting the integration of International Learning in the school. She also selected for Educational Exchange visit to Irk Valley Community School, Manchester, UK in June 2014 as a part of “Connecting Classroom” project organized by the British Council.


Satinder Kaur Rai

Kamla Nehru Public School

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Satinder kaur Rai

Satinder Kaur Rai has a Bachelor's in Education and a Master's in Commerce. She has 14 years of teaching experience, working for different institutions. Currently, she is teaching at Kamla Nehru Public School in Phagwara, India. She has completed numerous courses with Microsoft, receiving 86 badges and 52 certificates. 

Satinder has been an iEARN member since 2015 and taken part in various projects, learning a lot along with her students. Additionally, she has participated in a physical teacher exchange program, visiting Irk Valley School in Manchester in 2015. She loves to travel, meet new people, and learn about new cultures. 

Session Details

Type: Roundtable (1 hour)

Location: To Be Determined

Date: To Be Determined

Time: To Be Determined

This session is associated with a UN SDG!

Session Description

Be Selfish Be Kind

This session will introduce a new project idea for "changing thoughts", "changing perspective", and "changing lifestyles" to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

We often say it is our responsibility to save our planet so that our coming generation can live happy and healthy life. Through this topic, we want to catch attention of everyone to achieve this target. This roundtable will engage participants in a discussion around the project idea "Be Selfish, Be Kind" using the discussion questions and planner below. 

Be Selfish:  Plant a tree; because you will realize the love of nature, because this tree will give you oxygen to breathe, because this tree will give you fruit to eat, because this tree will protect you from sun and for many more amenities which you will get from this tree.

Be Kind: Though you are doing it for yourself and you are selfish too, even then you are kind enough to others. You took a single action and planted a tree for generations. Today and tomorrow, both will be thankful to you for your selfishness as well as kindness.

What will educators learn and be able to do at the end of the session?

At the end of the session, educators and youth will be able to understand/ learn that:

  • A leader can lead the movement if he/she takes action at his/her own level, first.
  • If we wish that everyone has to contribute for the better sustainable world, then we have to lead the thought and do not sit behind.
  • Negative terms/emotions can be transferred in to the positive strengths.

At the end, all will be able/agree to follow the planner ‘THE 10 LET US’ to achieve SDGs:

  • To listen
  • To think
  • To collaborate
  • To apply
  • To share
  • To promote
  • To empathize
  • To spread the word
  • To feel proud
  • To be grateful 

Additional Session Information


  • Who can be called selfish?
  • Can we use the term ‘selfishness’ in positive sense?
  • Can one be selfish as well as kind in his/her life?
  • What is our responsibility towards nature? Are we that much responsible?
  • What we did in our life to protect mother earth?
  • What should be the track of ‘Be Selfish, Be Kind’ campaign? Individual to society or society to individual
  • Are we on the right track?
  • What is the role of funds in promotion of SDGs?
  • How far media is important to support our strategy towards promotion of SDGs?
  • Should SDGs be the part of curriculum?

Planner -  'The 10 Let Us'

  • Let us witness: Show video to the students about deforestation, unnecessary constructions, scarcity of water, droughts, floods, global warming etc.
  • Let us reflect: Students will jot down their points of concern on a sheet of paper.
  • Let us discuss: students will discuss their views with partner school students, raise their queries, listen to them and try to find the solutions through iEARN forum and Skype.
  • Let us campaign: Students will take part in various activities i.e. Poster making, slogan writing, photography, walk for nature, tree plantation, street plays etc.
  • Let us showcase: All the products and outcomes of the students will be displayed in the exhibition (can be arranged in or outside the school).
  • Let us merchandise: In the exhibition, students will talk about their project, their concern, and their collaborations to achieve SDGs. They try to influence the gathering to understand the need of the hour and to take action together. They also request people to purchase their products so that they can raise funds for noble cause.
  • Let us donate: A ‘Be selfish Be kind’ box will be placed at the exhibition for donations. The amount collected, will be used for the climate action.
  • Let us report: The whole process and outcome will be shared through print media. Project reports will be posted on Social websites; face book, twitter, instagram, YouTube etc.
  • Let us feel privileged: Students, teachers and partners will be honored with the certificates.
  • Let us be thankful: All will post THANK YOU messages on iEARN forum to thank their partner school students, teachers, facilitators and of course iEARN Collaboration Team.