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Saloni Sabatino Youth Summit Committee Member


The youth summit made an impact on me because it made think outside the box and come up with ideas about how to help other students around the world. In the United States, we are given so many opportunities and it startled me to discover how little others have. The Youth Summit has fed my interest to pursue International Affairs in college and perhaps address issues of global poverty. 

I will be piloting a project in which peer tutors from my school are matched with students in Turkey who need tutoring in math and english. I learned about many helpful platforms and will use these to facilitate online tutoring. 


Saloni Rose Sabatino was born in India and was adopted at the age of 2. She is a senior at John Handley High School in Winchester, Virginia. Since a young age community service has been a large part of Saloni’s life – each weekend she attends an event in hopes of making a family in need smile. Saloni is excited to meet all the Youth Summit participants as she believes that making global connections strengthens and enhances our confidence in helping those in need. Saloni is also excited to learn about what gifts and talents others have to offer at the Youth Summit. A fun fact about Saloni is that she has been figure skating since the age of three. She used to compete but now skates to stay fit and flexible.