• Registration & Fees

    • Does iEARN provide scholarships? Can iEARN help me find funding?

      To support your attendance at the 2018 iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit, iEARN-USA has compiled resources and information in a digital fundraising packet, including a promotional flyer, funding letter, fundraising tips, and grant opportunities. We encourage iEARN international participants to connect with their iEARN Country Coordinator to get support to attend and/or learn of additional funding opportunities.

      Thanks to generous donations, iEARN will provide a limited amount of partial scholarships at different levels to support registration and/or travel costs. (Note that the scholarship will cover conference registration; a few of the awards may include a small transportation stipend to support airfare costs).  In awarding these scholarships consideration will be given to engagement in iEARN activities, leadership, motivation, Country Coordinator support, and geographical diversity. Scholarship applications are open from February 21 to March 21, 2018 for active iEARN members. Please see the iEARN Teachers Forum and iEARN Youth Forum for instructions and application (accessible with iEARN login only).

    • What is included in the registration fee?

      Registration includes participation in all conference activities, 6-nights stay, daily breakfast, lunch and dinners unless otherwise noted on the schedule, daily transfer from residence to conference site, as well as airport transfer from IAD Dulles International Airport. Excursions on Wednesday, July 11th are not included in the registration fee.

    • What is the Youth Summit?

      The Youth Summit is a concurrent event at iEARN’s annual international conference, serving as a platform for youth, affiliated with iEARN organizations around the world, to come together in one space to share projects, lead workshops, discuss sustainable solutions to global issues, and network with each other in a positive, collaborative environment. The Youth Summit is organized by a planning committee of international youth leaders.

    • How do I register my students in the Youth Summit?

      If you are an educator or program director, you should register for the iEARN conference first. After you have completed your registration, you can register your students using the registration form and select “youth summit+accommodation” or “youth summit - no accommodation." Students must be registered individually.

      You, or the youth, must use your personal educator conference confirmation ID number that you received in your registration confirmation email.

      Youth Attendees who are under 18 years old at the time of registering will need to fill out additional information, such as a parental consent form and a health certificate.

    • How can I get involved as a sponsor or exhibitor?

      Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the iEARN Conference and Youth Summit. Please contact conference@us.iearn.org for more information about our sponsorship packet.

  • Arrival & Departure

    • Do I need a passport to travel to the U.S.?

      Yes. You will need a passport if you are coming from overseas. You will also need a valid entry visa, unless you are coming from a country eligible for the Visa Waiver Program, or are a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. or a citizen of Canada.

    • Do I need a visa to travel to the U.S. for the conference?

      Yes. You will need to apply for a visa, unless you qualify for the Visa Waiver Program (see list of countries below). We recommend that you apply for the B-1 Business Travel Visa.  Conference attendance qualifies within this category. Please begin this process as soon as possible, as it can take time for approval. We encourage you to visit the State Department Travel Website to learn more about the application process for your country.

      The Visa Waiver Program allows citizens of the countries listed below to travel to the United States for tourism, business, or while in transit for up to 90 days without having to obtain a visa. You must have authorization through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization prior to travel. Please visit the ESTA Website for more information.


    • Can I get an invitation letter to support my visa application?

      Yes. When you register for the conference, you will be able to request a visa letter. Visa letters will be sent via email upon support from your iEARN Country Coordinator. If you need additional documentation to support your visa application please email conference@us.iearn.org

    • What will the weather be like in Virginia in July? How should I pack?

      On average, there are 196 sunny days per year in Winchester, Virginia. The July high is around 86 degrees (f) or 30 degrees (c). The average low in July is 62 degrees (f) or 16 degrees (c). We recommend bringing comfortable clothes for the conference and some light sweaters or jackets. Don’t forget to pack traditional clothes from your country for culture night!

    • Can I access an ATM or change my currency?

      In most U.S. banks, you can exchange major currency, such as Euro, Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen, or British Pounds. You may also exchange currency at the airport when you arrive in the United States. We recommend that you bring an ATM card or credit card that will allow you to access your bank account in your home country. Most ATMs in the U.S. accept Visa and Mastercard. However, you might have to pay a high bank fee.

    • Can I buy a SIM card for my phone?

      At Dulles International airport, after you go through security, you can go to a store called iTravel2 and purchase a pre-paid SIM card for your phone.  iTravel 2 and is on the Terminal Upper Level (ticketing level). Pre-paid SIM cards start at 45 USD. Some of the currency exchange kiosks may also sell pre-paid SIM cards.

  • Housing, Transportation & Meals

    • How do I get around Winchester?

      The dormitory and hotel are around a 30-45 minute walk from Winchester’s downtown. You may also find it useful to download a ride-sharing app such as Uber or Lyft.

    • How do I inform a conference organizer if I have food and/or dietary restrictions?

      You may disclose any food allergies during the registration process. The registration fee includes daily breakfast and most lunches and dinners unless otherwise noted. Meals are provided in a cafeteria setting, where there will be a vegetarian option.

  • Proposals & Session Submissions

    • What types of sessions are you looking for?

      Conference sessions should align with the overall goals of the conference and focus on one of the following sub-themes: Collaborative Projects for Sustainable Development, Youth Action and Leadership in SDGs, Service Learning through Collaboration, Teaching and Learning Strategies, Building Leadership for Global Education, Impact of Projects and Exchanges, Project Design and Facilitation, Technology for Collaboration and Exchange, and Diversity and Inclusion in Global Education. 

      We invite educators, partners, and youth to submit sessions relating to the conference sub-themes in new and creative formats. Each session will select a related Sustainable Development Goal, sub-theme, and format in the submission application.  Submission formats include: Tech and Innovation Lab, Ignite Talk, Interactive Workshop, Roundtable Discussion, and Poster Display. Please review the Call for Proposal page for details on each session format.

    • How many proposals can I submit?

      You can submit multiple proposals, but only one session will be selected per person. You can present in multiple sessions if you are a co-presenter on another proposal.

    • When are proposals due?

      Proposals are due April 15th.

    • Can I have a co-presenter that is not attending the conference?

      Yes, you are able to have a co-presenter that is unable to attend the conference. There is space on the proposal submission to indicate a remote co-presenter.

    • Can I present or attend the iEARN conference virtually?

      You may present virtually as a co-presenter with someone who will present in person. Unfortunately, you may not attend the conference virtually.

    • Do you provide funding for workshop/session presenters?

      Due to the volume of presenters at the conference, we are unable to provide funding for those presenting workshops or sessions. We do have a limited amount of scholarships to provide conference attendees. We encourage presenters to apply for scholarship funding.

    • What is the room / technology setup for a workshop or session?

      The sessions will take place in the classrooms and John Handley High School. Every room will be equipped with projectors, chart paper & markers. We will communicate with presenters on how to prepare for their session following submission acceptance.

  • Emergencies

    • How do I inform a conference organizer if I have pre-existing medical conditions / allergies / medication needs?

      You may disclose any medical concerns during the registration process.

    • Will my insurance cover me during a medical emergency?

      It is the attendee’s responsibility to make sure they have arranged travel insurance that will cover any accidents, illnesses, or medical care in the event of a medical emergency. iEARN-USA is not responsible for covering any medical costs. U.S. healthcare costs are generally extremely expensive. We highly recommend that you arrange for travel insurance in case of emergency.

  • Press and Media

    • Press Inquiries

      The official press release can be viewed online and downloaded here. Press photos and logos are available at: bit.ly/iearn2018press.

      Please direct all questions to conference@us.iearn.org.

    • Press Coverage

      View recent articles and press coverage of the 2018 iEARN Conference and Youth Summit on the iEARN-USA website